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Eye Disease Treatment in Terrace Heights at Yakima Vision Center

If you’re in the Terrace Heights area and suspect you may have an eye disease, you want only the most utmost care. Accurate diagnoses and fast treatments are necessities at this point. By choosing Yakima Vision Center for your eye care, we can get to the bottom of your symptoms right away and prescribe you a treatment.

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Eye Diseases to Know in Terrace Heights, WA

Eye diseases vary depending on a patient’s age and health, but here are the conditions we treat most often:

  • Computer vision syndrome: This condition is triggered by looking at a screen too long, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. You may have symptoms like shoulder pain, neck pain, scratchy eyes, dry eyes, headaches, eye strain, and blurred vision.
  • Glaucoma: One of the most serious eye diseases we treat, those who have glaucoma are often asymptomatic. You may have open-angle glaucoma or closed-angle glaucoma, but both alter the fluid pressure in the eye’s optic nerve.
  • Vision allergic reactions: Allergic conjunctivitis describes the itchy, red, runny eyes you may have due to seasonal allergies or other allergens.
  • Conjunctivitis or pink eye: Separate from allergic conjunctivitis, pink eye leads to fluid leakage, swollen eyelids, intense itchiness, and a distinctive sickly pink color.
  • Dry eye: When your eyes cannot make enough of their own tears, dry eye often begins. Over-the-counter or prescription eye drops are typically used to treat this condition.

Which Conditions Are Diagnosed Most Often?

Besides the above conditions, there are several other conditions that patients in Terrace Heights may have. These are:

  • Amblyopia: This condition leads to an uneven degree of refractivity. Through this, the other eye tries to overcompensate, which causes painful symptoms.
  • Strabismus: Also known as crossed eyes, strabismus can appear in children and adults. If you have this condition, your depth perception suffers.
  • Myopia: You may know myopia by its more common name: nearsightedness. With this condition, it’s difficult to see things at a distance, but you have no issues with what’s in front of you.
  • Hyperopia: Also known as farsightedness, the opposite applies to myopia. You cannot clearly see items in front of you, but you can make them out from a distance.

Treatment Options in Terrace Heights, WA

If you believe you have any of the above eye diseases or conditions, you may wonder what your treatment options are. Depending on the condition, prescription medications and eye drops and even surgery can make a big difference in your vision. Talk to your Terrace Heights optometrist, such as Dr. Ward or Dr. Farmer, for more today.

Come to Yakima Vision Center for Eye Disease Treatment

If you’re looking for eye disease treatment near Terrace Heights, come to Yakima Vision Center. We can administer treatments for any eye disease or condition. To set up your appointment today, please call us at (509) 965-5200 or stop by Yakima Vision Center on 2010 West Lincoln Avenue, Suite 1.

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