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Eye and Vision Exams in West Valley at Yakima Vision Center

If you’re new to the West Valley area or you’re looking to change eye doctors or optometrists, Yakima Vision Care is a trusted choice for those in the Yakima area and beyond. We also treat those in Terrace Heights and Selah. Dr. Ward and Dr. Farmer, our two trained optometrists, are known for their eye care services for every member of the family.

Woman getting an eye exam

What Are Optometrists Looking for During a Routine Eye Exam Near West Valley, WA?

Our vision and eye exams should be done at least every two years if not more often, especially as you get older. That’s because the eyes are the window to your health. Not only can Dr. Ward and Dr. Farmer diagnose some serious vision conditions from a simple eye exam, but they can also find symptoms that other aspects of your health are awry.

What Can Eye Doctors Tell From These Eye Exams?

For instance, if you have high cholesterol or high blood pressure, both these conditions are easily diagnosable through a vision exam in West Valley. The retina’s blood vessels will be more prominent due to that excessive pressure.

The retina’s blood vessels also signify if you have diabetes due to fluctuations in blood sugar. If you do indeed have diabetes, you’re more likely to also have diabetic retinopathy. This vision condition can be serious.

That’s why your optometrist will refer you to a primary care physician if they sense you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes. Your primary care physician can test you for these conditions and then prescribe a treatment.

Which Eye Conditions Can Be Diagnosed and Treated After an Eye Exam?

An eye exam in West Valley can also pick up on plenty of vision conditions. That’s part of the reason why it’s so crucial to see your optometrist often. With some conditions, symptoms are slow to manifest if they do at all. By the time you notice something is wrong, you could have already lost some vision.

Dr. Ward and Dr. Farmer will be on the lookout for the following conditions:

  • Binocular vision, a condition that often manifests in children and leads to learning and reading issues and even headaches and eye strain
  • Strabismus, where depth perception is negatively impacted
  • Amblyopia, where the refractive degree of eyes varies from one to another

Need a West Valley Optometrist? Choose Yakima Vision Center

Of course, if you’re in the West Valley area and you’re looking for more than vision exams, you can still count on us at Yakima Vision Center. We administer many other services, such as sunglasses fittings, specialized lenses, contact lens fittings, eyeglasses fittings and frame selection, LASIK consultations, eye disease treatments, hard-to-fit contacts fittings, contact lens exams, and eye health evaluations. Contact us to schedule an appointment at (509) 965-5200.

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