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Currently, 100% of our patients' surveyed give Yakima Vision Center the highest score of "very satisfied" with their experience. In addition, 100% state that they would recommend us to a friend or family member.

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At Yakima Vision Center, our Yakima optometrist takes immense pride in enhancing our patients' lives with unrivaled eye and vision care service in a welcoming, friendly environment. For nearly 25 years, we have been serving Yakima and the surrounding areas, providing everything from comprehensive eye exams and eyewear to diagnosis, treatment, and management of eye conditions and diseases. Ultimately, our goal is to provide excellent care and to earn 100% satisfaction among our patients.

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Feature Articles

Common Vision Myths: Fact or Fiction?

Of all our senses, we probably rely on our eyesight the most for nearly everything. In everyone’s desperate attempts to prevent aging or eye degeneration, you may have come across advice from family and friends on how to keep your eyes healthy. Some of this advice may be true, but oftentimes, if you did not hear it from an optometrist, it may not be accurate. Let us dispel a few myths about vision that you may have heard! Sitting Too Close to the TV or Staring at a Screen When you were a kid, your parents may have told you

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Kitchen Eye Safety Tips

Imagine this scene: You are in the kitchen preparing a delicious surprise dinner for your spouse. You start off by chopping up some peppers and throwing them into a pan with some oil to sauté them. As the pan sizzles, a rogue pop sends a drop of hot oil straight towards your eye! Out of pure reaction, you reach up and rub your eye in the hopes of quelling the painful burn from the oil. The pain doesn’t go away, though. Instead it gets much, much worse. Now your eye is on fire along with all the skin around it.

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Polarized Glasses From Our Optometrist

Do you enjoy time outside or pursue an active lifestyle? Is time in the sun a treasured time? Just like the doctors and staff of Yakima Vision Center, you’re more than likely wearing sunglasses for much of this time. For those who drive regularly or have sensitive eyes, sunglasses are of extra importance. Glare, light fatigue, and the sun’s UV rays can all compromise our vision and ability to react quick enough to sudden changes. A good pair of sunglasses reduces these eye strains and is actually a health and safety benefit. Serving the Yakima Valley in Washington for nearly 25 years, we can

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