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Currently, 100% of our patients' surveyed give Yakima Vision Center the highest score of "very satisfied" with their experience. In addition, 100% state that they would recommend us to a friend or family member.

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At Yakima Vision Center, our Yakima optometrist takes immense pride in enhancing our patients' lives with unrivaled eye and vision care service in a welcoming, friendly environment. For nearly 25 years, we have been serving Yakima and the surrounding areas, providing everything from comprehensive eye exams and eyewear to diagnosis, treatment, and management of eye conditions and diseases. Ultimately, our goal is to provide excellent care and to earn 100% satisfaction among our patients.

Feature Articles

Protecting Your Vision This Summer

It’s summertime, which means everyone will be spending a lot of time outside enjoying the sun. Though many of us know about using sunblock to fight off the sun’s harmful rays, it is also important to protect your eyes! Here are a few tips on protecting your vision this summer. Sunglasses with UV Protection Just like your skin needs protection from the sun’s strong ultraviolet rays, so do your eyes! During the summer when you’re outside, these rays can be reflected from the water or sand. The best way to protect your eyes is to use sunglasses that protect against

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What is a Stye?

Styes can be an uncomfortable and annoying yet common experience. Fortunately, most of them will go away on their own or with minimal treatment. What Is a Stye? A stye, also known as a hordeolum, is a small red, sometimes painful bump on the eyelid. It is often caused by bacterial staph (staphylococcal) infection and can occur at the base of the eyelash or within a small oil gland of the eyelid. A stye may fill with pus as it becomes infected, however, it is important to not squeeze, pop, or attempt to drain the stye. Causes Sometimes oil glands

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Is Your Vision the Cause of Your Headaches?

Have you ever experienced a headache that affected your vision? Many of us know what it is like to have a headache. Depending on the cause, it can trigger a sharp, dull, or throbbing sensation of pain ranging in severity. While it may be difficult to determine the cause of a headache, one cause you may have overlooked could be your vision. Headaches That Affect Your Vision Though most headaches are caused by primary headache disorders such as migraines, tension headaches, or cluster headaches. Each of these headaches can cause various eye problems. Cluster headaches are recurring headaches that may

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