Your Yakima Optometrist Offers Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Contact lenses have been a great benefit for individuals who need vision correction. They allow clear vision without eyeglasses that can get in the way of athletic and recreational activities, and they allow provide a less impeded field of vision. Wearers of contact lenses must follow specific care techniques to ensure the cleanliness and safety of their lenses. Your Yakima optometrist offers a few important tips that will help you to keep your eyes healthy when wearing contact lenses.

1 – Always Wash Your Hands Before Handling Contacts
You should approach the handling of your contact lenses like a medical procedure, being careful not to introduce bacteria onto the surface of the contacts or into your eyes. Wash your hands carefully before you put them in, in the morning. Also wash your hands any time you remove your lenses, whether during the day or at night. This important step can help to prevent many of the eye infections that result from unhygienic handling of contacts.

2 – Clean Your Contact Lens Case Frequently
Many infections begin as a result of bacteria that build up inside contact lens cases. Give as much attention to your lens case as your contact lenses when cleaning, and you will avoid many of the infections that can develop while wearing contacts.

3 – Insert Lenses Before Applying Makeup
If you wear makeup, you should take steps to avoid irritating your eyes. Put your lenses in before applying makeup. Use a cream eyeshadow rather than a powder. If you use powder, apply carefully to avoid getting excess into the eyes where it can cause irritation and possible infection. Purchase hypoallergenic makeup that is made without fragrance or other irritating ingredients.

4 – Ask Your Doctor If You Can Sleep With Lenses
Some types of contact lenses can be worn during sleep, but not all kinds can do this. In addition, you may have an eye condition that makes wearing lenses during the night inadvisable. Check with your Yakima eye doctor to ensure the safety of wearing lenses during the night.

5 – Don’t Bathe With Contacts In
Avoid bathing or swimming with your contact lenses in your eyes, which can trap contaminants or irritants under the lenses. Remove them before entering the water, and replace them when you are finishing bathing.

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