When you are selecting an eye care center for your family, pulling a name out of the Yellow Pages is insufficient; you need to base your decision on sound, logical reasons. So here are five great reasons to choose our Yakima optometrists, staff and resources.

How Will Our Yakima Optometrist Impress You? Let Us Count the Ways

  1. We are an established provider. Want a clinic you can rely on for life? We have been providing Yakima residents with quality eye care for nearly a quarter of a century.
  2. Our patients are 100% in love with us. One of the best ways to evaluate an eye clinic is by listening to satisfied clients. Currently, 100 percent of surveyed patients are “Very Satisfied” with their experience — and that same 100 percent would recommend us to friends and relatives.
  3. Our services could save your health. Some eye diseases are linked to serious systemic disorders such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Grave’s disease and high blood pressure. A routine eye exam at our clinic could reveal such a disorder in time for you to get it treated early.
  4. We can keep you seeing clearly. Our visual acuity testing can identify refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia — problems that can affect your driving safety, academic performance or workplace efficiency. This allows us to dial in an accurate prescription for eyeglasses, contacts or even LASIK surgery.
  5. You will be amazed by our frame selection. You will never need to make a separate trip to an optician’s boutique again. We carry an astounding 800 frame styles (from leading designers) for all ages and tastes.

Need More Reasons? Talk to Our Yakima Optometrist

This list just scratches the surface of the many fine reasons to make Yakima Vision Center your permanent home for eye and vision care. Contact our Yakima optometrists for an appointment and find out for yourself!

Have you ever had a routine eye exam that revealed a hidden underlying condition? Tell us about it!

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