Today, individuals are subject to more eyestrain than ever before. Working with computers throughout the day and looking at smartphone screens during their free time can lead to blurry vision and dry eyes that can be uncomfortable and can inhibit performance. Other workers may do their tasks in dusty, gritty environments that can also lead to dry eyes. Yakima Vision Center can provide treatment of dry eye conditions so you can see clearly and comfortably.

Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome can occur when not enough tears are produced or when the quality of tears is inadequate. Individuals may experience a gritty sensation in the eyes, burning or a feeling that something is in the eyes. You may have watery eyes or blurred vision. You may have difficulty wearing their contact lenses throughout the day. Chronic dry eyes can cause damage to the surface of the eyes, causing impaired vision.

Risk Factors for Dry Eyes

Aging is a common cause of dry eyes. Women are at risk for the condition because of pregnancy, menopause and contraceptive use. Medical conditions, such as diabetes or thyroid disorders can cause dry eyes. Working in dusty environments, either indoors or outdoors, can also cause dry eye syndrome.

Treatments For Dry Eyes

Your Yakima eye doctor can offer a number of solutions for dry eye problems. Lubricating eye drops can help minor problems with dryness. For more severe dryness, drops that increase tear production may be needed. Methods to conserve tears to help keep the eye surface lubricated can be used, such as punctual plugs that are inserted into the eyes to prevent drainage of fluid. Tear ducts can also be surgically closed to prevent draining. Your Yakima optometrist may also use compresses, lid massage or eyelid cleaners to decrease the inflammation in eyes to keep them more comfortable.

Contact Yakima Vision Center For Treatment of Dry Eyes

Dr. Farmer and the trained staff at Yakima Vision Center are committed to providing the best in eye care service for their patients in Yakima, WA and nearby communities. We are proud to offer one of the largest selections of name brand eyeglass styles and some of the most advanced contact lens options. We also treat a variety of eye diseases to ensure clear vision throughout life. Call Yakima Vision Center today at 509-965-5200 for an appointment to discuss the options for treatment of dry eyes and blurry vision.

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