If you have astigmatism, you may be frustrated with an inability to wear contacts that correct your vision comfortably and conveniently. Now, your Yakima optometrist can help! If you’ve been looking for contacts for astigmatism in Yakima, visit your experienced eye doctor at Yakima Vision Center. We use the latest methods to examine your eyes, measure your visual acuity and get you the right contact lenses—even if you’ve been hard to fit with contacts in the past.

What is Astigmatism?

When you have astigmatism, your eyes have an unusual oval shape, or a bulge and you require specialty contact lenses called toric lenses. Toric contact lenses that fit you properly are available in gas permeable lenses and soft contact lenses. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of contact lenses, just like individuals with simpler vision problems such as nearsightedness and farsightedness do. In fact, astigmatism correction is often part of the prescription for certain nearsighted or farsighted people.

How Your Yakima Optometrist Helps with Hard to Fit Contacts

If standard contact lenses have never worked for your astigmatism, don’t give up. See your optometrist in Yakima for careful fitting and the proper contact lens prescription for astigmatism correction. Rely upon your skilled eye doctor to:

  • Perform an eye exam to precisely evaluate your vision and verify your eye health, to ensure you are free from eye diseases or provide necessary treatment.
  • Take time for contact lens fitting, using expert knowledge of the latest contact lens varieties, sizes and manufacturers to choose the best contacts for you. This fitting process is where your optometrist in Yakima will determine which contact lenses that will best correct your specific vision problems—and will also fit your eye shape correctly. This will provide you with comfortable contact lenses that give you sharp, clear vision, without the constant need for glasses with corrective lenses.

Ready to enjoy the convenience of contacts? Call Yakima Vision Center today!

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