Dry eye syndrome is a condition that affects both contact wearers and those who do not wear contact lenses. Individuals experience a dry, scratchy feeling in the eyes, as well as redness, blurred vision, and general discomfort. The problem may be you do not produce enough tears or that the tears evaporate too quickly. Discomfort from dry eyes can make doing normal tasks more difficult. A dry eye doctor can often help to alleviate the problem. Individuals who suffer from dry eye syndrome can try a number of solutions. In some cases, individuals may be sensitive to the preservatives in lens solutions. An eye doctor may suggest the use of specially designed contact lenses that hydrate the eye surface more effectively. An Optometrist at Yakima Vision Center can assist in finding the right solution for your dry eye condition.

New Technologies Provide Contacts for Dry Eye

Contact lens manufacturers have designed a number of contacts for dry eyes. One type of lens uses silicon hydrogel technology that helps to retain moisture for up to 16 hours. Another type is a single-use, disposable lens with a water content of 33 percent at the core and 80 percent at the front and back surfaces, which provide increased comfort throughout the day. Yet another lens technology has molecules that are similar to those found in the human cell membranes that keep the lenses moist for up to 12 hours. Ortho-K lenses are designed to be worn at night, for improved vision & less discomfort during the day.

Yakima Vision Center For Total Eye Care

The Yakima Vision Center in Yakima, Washington offers family eye care for all our patients’ needs, including vision exams, contact lens exams, bifocals, trifocals, computer vision aids, Lasik consultation and eye disease treatment. Vision care can also help to detect early problems related to diabetes and hypertension. We offer over 800 styles of eyeglass frames, including brands such as Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Oakley, and Rayban.

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