Contact Lens FAQs Answered by Yakima Vision Center

If you’re tired of eyeglasses and are ready to move into contact lenses, our team at Yakima Vision Center is ready to help. We see dozens of patients each week who are looking for contacts, and they all have a wide variety of questions. Here are some of the most common ones we hear:

Is There a Special Contact Lens Exam?

When you come to see our eye doctor in Yakima, you’ll get the traditional exam for visual acuity and eye health. If you’re looking for contact lenses, our doctor will also measure your eyes for size and curvature, to determine the exact size and shape of contact lenses you need.

How Do I Care for Contact Lenses?

It all depends on the type of lens you own. Disposable lenses are truly care-free since you throw out each pair as you remove them nightly. Other types of lenses need daily cleaning with special solutions; our team at the eye clinic will teach you to clean your lenses before you leave our office the first time.

What are the Advantages of Disposable Contact Lenses?

Our optometrist team highly recommends disposable lenses, as they are the safest to wear, health-wise. By putting in a completely new and clean lens each day, you’ll avoid many germs and forms of bacteria that can cause eye infections that so many contact lens wearers suffer from.

Can Contact Lenses Cause Eye Infections?

The lenses themselves don’t cause the infection, but many lens wearers have bad habits that can infect the eyes. Among the most common causes are not keeping the lenses or case clean, sleeping in contacts, not washing hands before cleaning lenses, and wearing extended-wear lenses.

What are the Symptoms of Eye Infections?

If you’re suffering from an eye infection due to wearing contact lenses, you’ll experience a range of symptoms, possibly including:

  • Red eyes
  • Tearing or discharge
  • Blurred vision
  • The feeling that something is in your eye

What is the Treatment for Eye Infections?

Luckily, most eye infections caused by contact lenses are very easy to treat and cure. Many of them clear up on their own after the patient stops wearing contact lenses. For stubborn cases, our eye doctor will prescribe antibiotic eye drops to help clear up the infection.

What Kind of Contact Lenses are There?

Depending on your prescription, your physical needs, and your lifestyle, you and your doctor may decide on one of many types of lenses for your eyes. Some of the more common types are:

  • Disposable wear lenses
  • Daily wear contacts
  • Rigid gas permeable lenses
  • Toric lenses for patients with astigmatism
  • Colored lenses, to enhance or change the color of your eyes

In addition, there are many different types of specialty lenses for patients with unusual prescriptions and eye problems. You’ll find out which ones are right for you when you consult with one of our optometrist team.

Give Our Optometrist in Yakima a Call Today!

If you feel ready to move on to contact lenses, you likely have a lot of questions that we can answer. Call our optometrist in Yakima at (509) 965-5200 and we’ll make an appointment that fits in with your busy lifestyle.