Your optometrist from Yakima Vision Center doesn’t just provide treatment for a wide array of eye conditions. An eye doctor’s service also consists of regular eye care that can prevent issues in the future. Although the health of everyone’s eyes and their vision are important, not everyone has to see the optometrist as frequent as others.

How Often Should You See the Eye Doctor

Your age plays a vital role in how frequently you should see an eye doctor. Additionally, if you have a family or medical history of any eye conditions, you’ll want to have a regular exam more often. The American Optometric Association suggests children should have their first eye exam at six months of age, again at three years and then prior to starting school. Generally, children should have their eyes examined every two years thereafter, every year if any vision issues are detected.

An average adult between the ages of 18 and 60 without vision problems or eye conditions should receive a comprehensive eye exam every two years. Those who wear contacts or glasses should go to the eye doctor annually because it’s possible their prescription will change during this time. If you detect a change in your vision, you can see the eye doctor sooner than a year after your last examination. Seniors who are 60 or older should see the eye doctor once every year.

It’s recommended those who have a family history of, or who have, macular generation, glaucoma or cataracts should see the optometrist once per year for an eye examination. If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, a yearly visit to the eye doctor is advised. Those who have eye injuries or who’ve had eye surgery should see the eye doctor once per year as well.

Benefits of Regular Examinations 

You might not realize it, but your vision changes over time. You could have a decrease in vision and not realize it, which could lead to you missing out on details or even suffering from headaches and eye aches. Some eye problems start without symptoms and gradually progress before you’re even aware you have a problem. By the time you notice the issue, it could be too late to stop or prevent vision loss or other serious complications. Keep in mind, early detection leads to the best prognosis.

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