Do you enjoy time outside or pursue an active lifestyle? Is time in the sun a treasured time? Just like the doctors and staff of Yakima Vision Center, you’re more than likely wearing sunglasses for much of this time. For those who drive regularly or have sensitive eyes, sunglasses are of extra importance. Glare, light fatigue, and the sun’s UV rays can all compromise our vision and ability to react quick enough to sudden changes. A good pair of sunglasses reduces these eye strains and is actually a health and safety benefit. Serving the Yakima Valley in Washington for nearly 25 years, we can attest to the need for quality eye protection. Let’s examine polarization and the ways in which it may benefit you.

Differences and Benefits

You may have heard the term polarized before but, are you aware of what this protective lens can offer?

  • Polarized glasses filter out certain waves of light. Light travels from the sun as wave frequencies. Because there are so many different light wave frequencies, from all directions, your eyes can become overloaded when processing, thus experiencing glare and light fatigue. Polarized lenses only allow light waves from a certain direction to pass through. Your vision is less cluttered and images are clearer and more defined, accordingly.
  • Polarized glasses do reduce eye strain, but are not designed to block UV rays. However, most quality polarized lenses will also offer additional UV filters, which protect your eyes from the sun’s radiant energy.
  • Can’t regular sunglasses do the same job? Traditional sunglasses block or reduce all light waves, whereas polarized lenses are designed for reducing light from specific directions. Test both lenses with a vision specialist to see which type works best for you.

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