Your eyes need routine care just like the rest of your body does. The regular care you provide for your eyes will ensure that you have good vision throughout your life. Your Yakima eye doctor can help your eye health with regular vision exams, prescribing the right lenses for vision correction and providing treatment for a number of eye conditions, so you can enjoy optimum vision.

Routine Care For Your Eyes

The daily care you provide for your eyes can have a significant impact on your vision over a lifetime. Eating healthy foods, rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, lutein and omega-3 fatty acids, provide the nutrients healthy eyes need. Don’t smoke, and if you do smoke, talk to your doctor about effective ways to quit. Wear sunglasses to filter out UV rays that can damage your eyes. When playing sports or working with machinery, wear safety glasses to prevent eye accidents. If you work on the computer frequently during the day, remind yourself to look away from the screen frequently during your tasks. Also, take care of your overall health by visiting your doctor annually for a physical exam.

Contact Lens Care

Individuals who wear contact lenses must take special care to do daily cleaning of their lenses, as well as lens cases. Wash your hand before handling your contact lenses to put them in or take them out. Avoid picking them up with your fingernails, which can damage them. Do not sleep with your contact lenses unless you check with your Yakima eye doctor first to ensure that it is safe to do so. Use only hypoallergenic makeup that contains fewer ingredients that can irritate the eyes. You should have your eyes checked regularly to ensure that you are seeing clearly and that your eyes are healthy.

Regular Eye Exams

You should visit your eye doctor at least once each year to ensure that your current prescription is providing the clear eyesight you need for work tasks and recreational activities. Some medical conditions, such as diabetes, can affect your vision, and your physician may advise you to get more frequent examinations.

Contact Yakima Vision Center for Your Routine Eye Exams

Dr. Farmer uses her knowledge and experience to provide the highest quality eye care service for her patients in Yakima, WA. With a wide choice of brand name frames and the newest contact lens options, as well as individualized attention to detect and treat problems, we can ensure that your vision is clear and your eyes remain healthy. Call Yakima Vision Center today at 509-965-5200 for an appointment to have your eyes examined and to start a regular eye care regime that will help you preserve your vision for a lifetime.

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