Conditions Treated By Your Optometrist at Yakima Vision Center

A visit to Yakima Vision Center includes much more than a simple eye exam and fitting for eyeglasses or contact lenses. In our office, eye care means much more than getting the right prescription. Your optometrist at Yakima Vision Center cares for patients with a variety of vision conditions. Dr. Farmer can diagnose eye diseases and prescribe the necessary treatment to control or cure the problem.

Eye Disease Treatment at Yakima Vision Center

The first step toward successful eye disease treatment is the correct diagnosis. You might come in with a physical complaint, but a surprising number of patients are diagnosed with eye conditions before they even have symptoms.


With astigmatism, there is a defect in the curvature of the lens or eye. This means that light doesn’t bend the right way when it enters the eye, resulting in blurry vision. Most people with astigmatism simply assume they’re nearsighted. The symptoms appear similar, but the treatment can be quite different. For contact lens wearers, specialty fittings are required. Patients with astigmatism may be good candidates for LASIK as well.

Pink Eye

Conjunctivitis, or pink eye, is an extremely contagious eye disease that can cause discomfort and pain. The symptoms include a reddening of the whites of the eye, itching, swollen eyelids and a fluid discharge from the eye. There are two types of conjunctivitis, bacterial and viral. An eye doctor at Yakima Vision Center can treat pink eye with eye drops, and with antibiotics if diagnosed with the bacterial form of the disease. We can also offer consult on soothing home treatment to care for your eyes until symptoms ease up.


Patients may be diagnosed with cataracts long before they experience symptoms. This is why regular eye exams are so important for every patient. If you’re diagnosed with cataracts, we can advise you on medication and behavioral changes that can slow the progression of the disease. If your cataracts progress to the point where you need surgery, we’ll refer you to an ophthalmologist to perform the procedure. Additionally, Yakima Vision Center can provide necessary pre and post-op care.


Glaucoma is one of the most common causes of blindness for people over 50. There is constantly fluid moving in and out of the human eye. If one of the ducts becomes clogged, fluid cannot leave as quickly as it enters the eye. This causes a backup that increases the pressure inside the eye. This can damage the optic nerve and can even lead to blindness. Our eye doctor can prescribe medication or eye drops that help to relieve the pressure inside your eye, reducing the threat to your vision.

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