Hard to Fit Contacts in Yakima, WA

Not everyone can wear standard contact lenses. Some patients with certain eye conditions need special contacts to meet their needs. At Yakima Vision Center in Yakima, WA, we help patients in need of specialty contacts. Whatever your reasons for needing special contacts, we can help you get the corrective lenses you need to see properly.

Why Some Patients Need Hard to Fit Contacts

There are many different conditions that a patient may have that cannot be corrected with standard contact lenses. Our optometrists will work with you to find the right specialty contacts for your needs.

  • Dry eyes – This condition occurs when the eyes of the patient are excessively dry. Patients suffering from dry eye often have red, irritated eyes. Using contact lenses can worsen the condition, leading to eye infections. Patients suffering from dry eye often require medicated eye drops and special contacts. Contacts for dry eye will retain moisture.
  • Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis – Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis is an inflammatory condition that causes the eyes to secrete substances that coat the contact lenses in a film, making it difficult to see. For this condition, we may prescribe gas permeable lenses or daily disposable contact lenses.
  • Astigmatism – Patients with astigmatism have eyes that form a bulge or an oval shape. Because of the unusual shape of the eyes, patients with astigmatism require Toric contact lenses, which can fit on the eyes. Contacts for astigmatism come in gas permeable and soft varieties.
  • Presbyopia – Presbyopia is an age-related condition that makes objects close to the face go out of focus. Patients with presbyopia need bifocal lenses in order to see properly. Although many patients who need bifocals wear glasses, bifocal contact lenses are available for patients.
  • Keratoconus. This disease causes the cornea of the eye to be irregularly shaped, which makes it difficult to achieve perfect vision. Even glasses won’t entirely fix the problem for patients suffering from keratoconus, but contact lenses can reshape the eye and make it possible to see clearly. The type of contact lenses required to correct keratoconus depends on the severity of the condition, and must be determined by the optometrist.

Finding Hard to Fit Contacts in Yakima

Your Yakima optometrist at Yakima Vision Center can help you get the contact lenses you need to see clearly. When you come in to our store, one of our optometrists will do the following:

  • Eye exam – Your optometrist in Yakima will start by evaluating your vision and checking your eyes for eye diseases. This way, your optometrist will know what prescription is right for your eyes.
  • Contact fitting – Once it’s determined what kind of contacts will be right for your eyes, your Yakima optometrist will help you find the kind of contacts that will work best for your condition.

For more information about getting hard to fit contacts, contact us today, or stop in at our store! Our experienced optometrists will be happy to help you.