If you start experiencing glaucoma symptoms, yet do not treat the disease, what could happen? Let your optometrist at Yakima Vision Center tell you what could happen if glaucoma went untreated.

What Happens If You Don’t Seek Glaucoma Treatment in Yakima

If you have glaucoma that is left untreated, your vision will continue to get worse. Patients generally lose their peripheral vision first and eventually see a narrowing of the central vision. Eventually, patients who opt not to treat their glaucoma symptoms can lose their vision altogether and become blind.  At this point, sufferers may need to consider options such as a service animal or a blind cane, so they can get around without their sight. With proper glaucoma treatment in Yakima, this can be avoided.

Glaucoma is manageable, especially with early detection. Our Optometrist at Yakima Vision Center can help slow down the progression of the disease so that you can preserve more of your vision for longer. There are many options for managing glaucoma, and we are happy to speak to you about your options in a consultation.

Providing Glaucoma Prevention & Treatment 

Our optometrist in Yakima recommends that adults receive an annual eye exam, where we can check for symptoms of glaucoma through tonometry, dilation, and a visual field exam. Anyone with a family history of glaucoma is urged to have annual eye exams. Hispanics and African-Americans also have a higher risk of developing glaucoma and are urged to have annual eye exams.

Another early indicator of glaucoma is elevated internal eye pressure. We can decrease internal eye pressure using medicated eye drops or through a procedure that improves fluid drainage in the eyes. By controlling internal eye pressure, we can safeguard your vision and prevent glaucoma from progressing. Our Optometrist at Yakima Vision Center can discuss options based on the type of glaucoma you have, your eyesight, and your unique needs.

Contact our Yakima Eye Doctor for Glaucoma Treatment

For more advice on glaucoma prevention and treatment, make an appointment with our eye doctor in Yakima. Reserve your appointment on our website or by calling us today. We look forward to meeting with you!

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